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Our expertise extends across the full range of Cyber Security Services including AI Endpoint Security, Penetration Testing , User Awareness Training and Managed Security Services .
With over 25 years of experience in providing cyber security solutions to large businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand, Cyber Future are your cyber security specialists.

Cyber security failures are one of the biggest threats facing organisations of all sizes. Organisations need to ensure protection across their entire system infrastructure from both global and local threats.

Our engineers and consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in cyber security consulting and network and infrastructure security across a wide range of industries. We are able to advise and consult on all aspects of cyber security including:

  • AI Endpoint Security
  • Penetration testing
  • User awareness training
  • Managed security services

AI Endpoint Security

With thousands of devices accessing the internet through your network, you can’t afford to rely on an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that will only detect threats when it’s too late.

By integrating artificial intelligence into your cyber security toolkit, you’re accessing a system that uses pattern recognition and machine learning to recognise threats and isolate them before they infiltrate your organisation.

  • Easily scalable
  • Able to monitor thousands of endpoints
  • Increase monitoring without increasing headcount
  • Constantly learning

Penetration Testing

Don’t wait for an attack to identify holes in your external IT infrastructure. By undertaking regular penetration testing, you can take swift action to eliminate system vulnerabilities and ensure that you’re compliant with industry best practice.

By integrating comprehensive penetration testing, you will gain valuable insight into how robust your systems are, and how to improve overall protection of valuable data on your network.

  • Protect confidential data
  • Ascertain risk regularly
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Meet your security objectives

User Awareness Training

Your people are your biggest asset, and your biggest threat. By making cyber security training an integral part of each employee’s learning and development plan, you’re ensuring that every person can identify and take steps to mitigate threats as they appear.

With decades of experience across a wide variety of industries, our cyber security consultants can tailor a training package that will provide accurate, up to date information in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Bespoke training
  • Across a wide variety of industries
  • Experienced facilitators
  • Covers a wide range of business functions

Managed Security Services

Whether you need additional security monitoring to cover staff on leave or just consider it more cost-effective to outsource your managed security services, we can provide a bespoke package that fits the needs of your organisation.

We specialise in cyber security monitoring, including firewall monitoring, endpoint security and firewall deployment. Our monitoring service can be deployed both on-site and remotely.

  • Cost effective
  • Cyber security focussed
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Expert engineers and consultants

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