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Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing?

Unlike a vulnerability assessment which only reports on potential holes in your organisation’s security framework, a penetration test actively exploits those holes, mimicking the actions of an actual attack without the risk of losing valuable data. Our thorough penetration test will scrutinise the external facing components of your system infrastructure, looking for any weakness that could provide the vital link for an attack on your network. Regular, documented testing is considered best practice for many medium to large size organisations, especially those working with local or national government departments and agencies. By introducing a comprehensive penetration testing regime to your organisation, you can gain valuable insight into internal compliance and report accurately on how well you’re meeting your security objectives.

The impact on your organisation

Penetration testing will ensure that any potential breaches can be identified and remediated before an attacker identifies them for you – meaning you’re a step ahead of the competition. Cyber Future will check compliance levels across your organisation, identifying individuals who may be unwittingly exposing your valuable network and data to the outside world. While we cannot remove all the cyber security risk from your organisation, we can identify weak points in your infrastructure and provide specialist advice to ensure you’re protected as soon as possible.

Why Cyber Future?

Our penetration testing services focus on smaller organisations (less than 500 employees) who may not have undertaken testing previously. Because we specialise in cyber security and are more flexible than other, larger providers, we’re able to provide a penetration testing programme that’s designed especially for your organisation.

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