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AI Endpoint Security

Gone are the days when you relied on a single antivirus system to protect your IT infrastructure. The next generation of antivirus protection has arrived – artificial intelligence.

What is AI endpoint security?

Artificial intelligence uses pattern recognition and machine learning to teach itself what a compromised file looks like. Because it’s constantly being fed new information, it’s constantly evolving, discovering and learning – and then applying those learnings to assessing endpoints and identifying risky files and behaviour. Move away from the traditional ‘detect and respond’ antivirus systems that are acting as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. By shifting to a system based on artificial intelligence, you’re ensuring that you can respond to threats before they can take hold within your organisation.

When is AI endpoint security required?

The more devices in your organisation connected to the internet, the more likely it is that you’ll encounter a threat to your IT infrastructure. AI gives your organisation the ability to monitor thousands of connected devices without increasing your staffing requirements. Because artificial intelligence is constantly refining its own knowledge base, it creates fewer false positives than traditional antivirus systems, making it far more scalable. A system based on artificial intelligence can monitor thousands of endpoints, only creating alerts that need a human eye when a threat cannot be accurately identified as malicious or benign.

Why Cyber Future?

Cyber Future is at the forefront of artificial intelligence endpoint security with access to the latest global AI-supported solutions. Our team of security experts have global experience and are constantly upskilling to stay abreast of new industry developments. Each of our consultants and engineers have at least 10 years’ experience in cyber security or IT infrastructure – some up to 25 years. Unlike many other IT support organisations, we specialise in cyber security. We’ll take the time to ascertain your needs, identify the pain points and use our combined decades of experience to create a flexible, bespoke solution for your organisation.

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