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User Awareness Training

What is user awareness training?

Don’t assume that your staff are 100% up to date on cyber security risks and mitigation measures. We can raise awareness of cyber security threats by training individuals or teams on current risks and how they can be mitigated.

When is user awareness training required?

Cyber security awareness training shouldn’t be done once and forgotten about. Instead, it should be part of each employee’s ongoing learning and development. Your people are your biggest asset when it comes to mitigating cyber security risks, but they’re also your biggest risk. Many phishing attempts are successful because a member of staff is just trying to be helpful.

The user awareness training process

We use a simple yet effective process to ensure that your user awareness training programme is going to work in your organisation.

  • Brief: We meet with you to ascertain the type of security awareness activities currently being undertaken by your organisation.
  • Research: We identify the key user groups, risk profiles and communication channels in your organisation, then generate training ideas that suit.
  • Programme: We provide you with a draft training programme for discussion and approval by key stakeholders. Once approved, we execute the programme.
  • Implementation: We undertake the training programme, using resources developed by you, us or a combination of both.

Why Cyber Future?

We can provide customised in-person training sessions, or deliver a customised package that can be delivered within teams across all key business functions. Our team of training consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in cyber security, meaning they’re fully up to date on the latest cyber security intelligence. Our competitive pricing model, combined with a large client base covering multiple industries and flexible business model, means we can put together a bespoke training package that will be tailored to the needs of your staff.

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